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Driven By Passion

The summer I was six years old, my parents loaded luggage, snacks, inner tubes and 5 screaming kids into a minivan destined for North Carolina. They had a road map instead of an iPhone, my siblings had homework instead of careers, and I had no idea that this road trip would spark a dream that I'd spend my life chasing.

I had my first and worst encounter with sharks while walking the Outer Banks when my family and I stumbled upon a large commercial gill net on the shore. The catch in the net that fishermen deemed unworthy of bringing to market, contained numerous trapped live fish and several small sharks. We hustled to free the by-catch and that was all I needed to see to know that I would devote my life to the study and conservation of sharks. 

Six year old me internally cheered when I moved to South Florida in 2012 to complete my masters degree in Marine Science. I've been fortunate enough to explore life on the ocean floor in Fijian Islands and conduct shark research in Mossel Bay, South Africa. I can't count the days I spent in Miami, sunburnt, salty and happy, tagging sharks with the University of Miami Shark Research Program. Two weeks of research on a remote island in the Florida Keys and a thousand mosquito bites later, it's hard to remember a time I wasn't working to pursue my passion. 

Regardless of where I've been studying sharks, one factor has been prevalent; the ocean has a die hard community of advocates. At any given time across the map, there's boats headed in, snorkelers headed out, divers coming up from a reef, surfers cruising a wave, fishermen deep dropping, etc... We all get in the water as often as we can... 

Why? Because there's no place like home. 

I started Floating Coconut with the intention of giving back to the programs that highly impacted my career as a Marine Biologist and ultimately, my life. The Floating Coconut is the uniform for all who feel alive in, on and under the sea. 

We're for the passion people,

For the one's who check the conditions as often as they check their texts,

For the one's with salty long sleeves drying on balconies, 

For the one's with a suit in the backseat at all times- just in case,

For the one's that don't hit snooze at 6AM on Saturday cause the sunrise is lighting up the tide in colors that don't happen twice, 

For the one's with a cooler filled with booze and another filled with bluefin,

For the one's who can't quite quench that thirst for the sea but spend their spare time trying,

For the one's with salt running in their blood, sand between their toes (and probably floor boards) and a hunger to help preserve the deep blue beautiful ocean and its beings.

We've got a lot of heart in this and we figure wearing it, quite literally on our sleeve, is a good way to do our part. 



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