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About Us

The Floating Coconut represents all who feel alive in, on and under the sea.
We're for the passion people,
For the one's who check the conditions as often as they check their texts,
For the one's with salty long sleeves drying on balconies,
For the one's with a suit in the backseat at all times- just in case,
For the one's that don't hit snooze at 6AM on Saturday cause the sunrise is lighting up the tide in colors that don't happen twice,
For the one's with a cooler filled with booze and another filled with bluefin,
For the one's who can't quite quench that thirst for the sea but spend their spare time trying,
For the one's with salt running in their blood, sand between their toes (and probably floor boards) and a hunger to help preserve the deep blue beautiful ocean and its beings.